About Us

"ONS Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti." was established in 1993 to manufacture industrial structure equipment. Progressively growing over the years, we continue to serve our customers with two facilities established in Mineralicavus Bursa Industrial Zone and Nilufer Industrial Zone with a total production area of 10,000 m².  

We, “ONS Makina” operating in the Automotive, Aerospace, High Mobility Systems and Rail sectors, are one of Turkey's leading companies, as the reliable supplier of industrial structure equipment, with our performance from engineering to deployment of the same.

We, "ONS Makina", provide our customers with quality services with Industry 4.0-based engineering solutions that enhance innovation power and a team of over 100 highly skilled experts.

In the sectors we operate in; while meeting the Industrial Structure and Mass Production requirements of our customers by offering innovative contemporary solutions; to contribute to the national economy with sustainable profitability above the sector average. And reaching a corporate structure to carry on to future generations.

While meeting the expectations of its customers with the management structure dominating the costs and deadlines, to improve the image of a contemporary institution that is sensitive to its stakeholders and the environment.

Our Integrated Management Systems Policy as Ons Makina; shall include Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems; 

  • To create a trust-based cooperation environment that addresses the satisfaction of customers, employees and all other stakeholders at the same level of consideration;
  • To develop and keep alive the ability to look at the products and services produced, through the eyes of the customer throughout all processes, to manage Customer Feedback in the most effective way;
  • Trying to do it right the first time, standardizing that level of quality and securing the sustainability of the standardized work,
  • To have human resources with technical and behavioral competence that can lead our processes correctly and effectively for the provision of sustainable products and services in international norms and to ensure continuity with ongoing education and trainings; 
  • Proactively determining and managing all possible situations that will jeopardize the quality and timely delivery of the products and services offered to the customer;
  • To create awareness in all our employees by showing the benefits of continuous development with the goal of "Good is the enemy of the Better!" And to make continuous improvement the most important part of our corporate culture;
  • Ensuring efficient use of resources by eliminating transactions that do not create added value;
  • Maintaining a participatory and pluralistic management approach within our institution through collaborative learning where goals, developments and problems are shared effectively and reliably;
  • To create an effective communication system between us and our suppliers and customers by using all the possibilities offered by developing technology; 
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of the Integrated Management System through internal and external audits;
  • Fulfilling all the requirements of being an environmentally sensitive and respectful modern institution, and ensuring compliance with the legal regulations regarding Environment and Occupational Health in all our activities;
  • To determine in advance the factors that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in our enterprises and to eliminate all factors;
  • To minimize waste generation and prevent environmental pollution in accordance with the zero waste information system with the awareness of the value of our resources.
  • Business Ethics and Integrity
  • Fair Conduct
  • Reliability, Credibility, Compliance with Laws
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility

ONS History


First Branch

New Facility has been established


Robotic Project

First robotic project was received


New Factory

Current HQ has been established


ONS Makina Established

Grand opening of ONS Makina Sanayi ve Lim. Sti


First Step

Kardesler Makina founded


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